Pure alpine property perfection

With its unrivalled luxury portfolio, Edelweiss.Re has all the knowledge and expertise to bring your Dolomites dream to life

Long established as a world-class tourist destination, global property investors are now also recognising the undoubted appeal of the Dolomites. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is renowned for its rich culture, dramatic landscapes and fabulous cuisine. The quality of life is second to none, but it is undoubtedly the endless ski trails and the world-class hiking and mountain biking opportunities in the summer that really sets this region apart.

Val Badia is regarded as the heart of the Dolomites, and just one of the many stunning areas that Edelweiss.Re Real Estate & Design can help you discover your dream home. With an unrivalled portfolio of luxury properties, backed up by a 14-year track record of delivering for international clients, Edelweiss.Re is the ideal partner to accompany you on a new adventure.

Beyond the Dolomites
The firm’s head office is in the beautiful village of Colfosco, Alta Badia, yet Edelweiss.Re has taken its winning formula to two other UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the hills of Prosecco, and Venice. Here, two new offices provide their clients with another way to experience the expertise and bespoke services on offer.

A beautiful chalet in Corvara, Badia, and a stunning apartment in Venice, where Edelweiss.Re also specialise

When asked about which future projects he finds especially exciting, CEO Edward Mazzer tells us about a new luxury chalet in Corvara, Badia – which is set for construction later in 2021. There is also what he describes as the ‘bespoke home project’ – an idea derived from in-depth analysis of their clients’ needs in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

‘The bespoke home project allows clients to build their home from scratch, while enabling us to better communicate with developers and provide them with precise layout, materials and finishing details,’ says Mazzer.

The picture-perfect Dolomites are among the world’s most incredible places to live. Surrounded by the glory of nature, away from the stresses of everyday life, it doesn’t get any better – ask anyone who’s been there on vacation. So, now is the time to team up with Edelweiss.Re Real Estate & Design and live the alpine dream.

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