One world, many bikes

Launched in 2011, our mission at Prestige Cycles is to bring the world’s most amazing bikes to a global customer base. We have created a great space where cyclists of all persuasions can check out cool custom bicycles and also bring their bikes to us for servicing and upgrades.

Part of the shop is dedicated to bike-fitting and we offer the most in-depth and detailed bike-fitting service available. To complement this, we also offer a unique wind tunnel service for those who want to leave no stone unturned in their quest to realise their full potential. Through this service we have helped triathletes and cyclists complete time trials and conquer longer and tougher rides.

Our passion is uniting owners with great bikes and giving them an unrivalled experience, whether slogging up a mountain or speeding down the other side.

We have forged strong partnerships with some of the finest frame manufacturers in the world, including Mosaic, Legend, Passoni, Boo, Festka, Spooky and Mustard. We have some stunning examples of their craftsmanship in the shop for you to come and admire.

Bicycle Concierge Service

We deal with clients all over the world, including many high-net-worth individuals, and while they come from different backgrounds and cultures, something they all have in common is that their time is precious. And time spent turning pedals, on the road or the trail, is perfect for clearing heads, energising bodies and making the most of well-earned time off.

Choosing the right bike takes time and knowledge. Many professional people are too busy to tour the high street bike shops searching for the special machine they deserve. With this in mind, we offer our Bicycle Concierge Service.

You choose the place and the time and we will come to you for a bike-fitting session, in order to establish what sort of bike you require and to get your specific measurements. We have a portfolio of some of the most exquisite and unique bicycles on the planet and we will guide you through all the options to determine the perfect bike for your needs and budget. We will provide everything you need from clothing to accessories and can also advise on anything from riding technique to local routes you can try.

We will oversee every step of the construction of your new bike, from frame-building to paint shop to final assembly. We will then deliver your perfect bike to you in person and ensure that everything is set up just so.

Our service doesn’t stop there. We also cover all your servicing and maintenance needs, with both regular check-ups and emergency assistance should you require it. Call or email us and we will collect the bike from you wherever you are. If we can fix the problem there and then we will; if not we will take the bike away, give it the spa treatment and return it to you a few days later in tip-top condition.

So maybe you’re looking to get into cycling. Maybe you already are, but you need someone to dial in the fit and guide you to your ultimate bike. Or maybe you want to give someone special a new bike experience they will never forget. Whatever you need, get in touch. We will take care of everything.

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