Olympia Historic Automobile Fair & Auction

If you own or are thinking of buying a classic car, and want to get the best experiences out of it – have you considered a rally? Not only do you get to explore the world, but you also get to enjoy the view from the cockpit of your prized possession! Rallies can be highly sociable events that combine fabulous destinations, thrilling routes and relaxed competition (for those who wish to compete) with plenty of rest days and special excursions so that participants may explore and enjoy the landscapes and cultures of the countries they visit.

What’s more, on 17-19 February 2017, The Olympia Historic Automobile Fair & Auction brings you all the information you will need to plan one, offering expert advice and insider tips on classic car rallies from around the world plus the inspiring Rally Talk Theatre. In order to whet your appetite and in association with Olympia Historic’s exhibitor Rally Round, we have put together 5 of their classic car rallies you didn’t know existed.

Road to Mandalay (Myanmar)

Once hidden from the world, Myanmar might well be one of the last places you expect to find a classic car rally. Embracing the challenge of underdeveloped road systems and the tempestuous wet season, The Road to Mandalay was the first competitive classic rally to take place in Myanmar in 2014. The three week journey gave participants the opportunity to experience the cultural richness not often seen by outsiders. Extensively planned and supported by Rally Round, the itinerary took drivers to see the most extraordinary sights of the country, from Pagoda temples and botanical gardens to the historic trading crossroads and craft shops

Thunder Dragon Rally (Bhutan)

First taking place in 2015, the Thunder Dragon rally brings drivers to the legendary kingdom of Bhutan. Situated between India and China at the eastern end of the Himalayas, the Thunder Dragon rally features high mountain roads and dusty dirt tracks guaranteeing an exhilarating adventure. The rally itself derives its name from the King of Bhutan, also known as Druk Gyapo and translating to ‘Thunder Dragon King’. Rarely visited by tourists, the three week Thunder Dragon rally gives drivers the chance to explore the rich cultural heritage and exceptional landscapes Bhutan has to offer, from the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayan Mountains to the subtropical plains and forests. Thunder Dragon Rally II will be taking place in spring 2018 so now is the perfect opportunity to start preparing!

Rally Round Arfica

Scheduled for 2018, Rally Round Africa sets off from Dar Es Salam on Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coast all the way to South Africa’s Cape Town. Drivers will have the opportunity to explore the iconic and diverse landscapes Africa has to offer, from lush forest and vast deserts to legendary coastlines and breath-taking game reserves. The three week itinerary offers the adventure of a lifetime with luxurious lodges, stylish dining and no less than 6 safari drives so you are sure to see Africa’s ‘big 5’ game animals.

The Samurai Challenge (Japan)

Designed for novice and experienced rally crews alike, the Samurai Challenge is the first competitive UK-rally ever to visit Japan, taking place in spring 2017. Timed in sync with the flowering of the iconic cherry blossom, the Samurai Challenge will give participants a unique insight into Japanese culture and all its culinary delights. Drivers will enjoy the most exciting roads Japan has to offer whilst soaking up the breath-taking scenery on-route whether it’s the ancient temples, stunning volcanoes or the neon-lit metropolis of Tokyo.

Odyssey Italia

Odyssey Italia is a luxurious driving adventure through the romantic landscapes of the Mediterranean. Featuring some of Europe’s most legendary roads, Odyssey Italia takes place over two weeks starting in the historic port of Genoa on the northwest coast, before ending in the Italian renaissance region of Tuscany. Rich in history, culture and cuisine the rally travels through sun-soaked mountains, sparkling coastlines and archaeological wonders and the relaxed itinerary ensures you can enjoy everything the journey has to offer, from the finest Italian wine and cheeses to the idyllic beaches and ancient architecture.

About The Olympia Historic Automobile Fair & Auction

To find out more, make sure you attend the Olympia Historic Automobile Fair & Auction taking place in Olympia London on 17-19 February 2017.

In partnership with auction house Coys, the event will be packed with inspiring features such as the Classic Car Rally Talk Theatre, The Restoration Showcase and Specialist Workshops providing a wealth of information and guidance on the world of historic automobiles. From concours restoration to provenance, whether you’re thinking of buying with the aim to enter the exciting world of classic racing or interested to know how to maximise your investment, this event will allow owners and collectors to both indulge in their passions and acquire their next historic automobile.

For more show details and to buy tickets please visit: olympiahistoric.com

About Rally Round

Surrey-based Rally Round’s philosophy is to provide exciting and sociable adventure for all. Event Director Liz Wenman, Rally Coordinator Heidi Winterbourne and Route Designer Kim Bannister are determined to offer customer-centred driving adventures that appeal to men and women, young and old, of any experience level; indeed the youngest Rally Round competitor to date has been an 11-year old girl and the oldest a 98-year old woman. Spectacular routes that won’t break a valuable vintage or classic car are combined with luxury accommodation and relatively short daily driving distances, allowing plenty of time to make and renew friendships with like-minded participants. Every rally is accompanied by fully qualified mechanical and medical support; there is even an arrive-and-drive option for those who don’t own a suitable (pre-1969) vehicle. Above all the highly experienced Rally Round team is always happy to offer expert advice on any aspect of vintage and classic rallying and will be in attendance at the Olympia Historic Automobile Fair & Auction for you to meet with. www.rallyround.co.uk

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