Kemi Tourism

Endless daylight

The almost total darkness is actually a short period of time in Finnish winter. In spring time the days are long and filled with light. In summer we are fortunate to enjoy endless daylight. Kemi in Sea Lapland is a great place to witness the iconic natural phenomena – the Midnight sun.

Feel the White Night Magic

Stay the night in our Seaside Glass Villas with floor-to-ceiling windows that let in the surrounding nature. Glass roof enables the natural light to fill the room with sunshine even during the night time. But do not worry, we will make sure you will get a good night sleep anyway.

The Northern Light season starts in Sea Lapland already in late August. Lying in the bed you can enjoy the sky view through the glass ceiling. The stars, moon and possibly the Aurora Borealis will be the nature´s show to our honoured guests.

Inner harbour in Santa´s home port city Kemi

The Inner harbour in Kemi is like the living room for the locals and the visitors. Visit the cosy cafés and restaurant and meet local people. Take part in various summer events and take a long walk or enjoy a bike ride in beautiful parks and seaside.
Try canoing, sailing with traditional sailing yacht, go fishing and visit the nearby islands. You can do all this any time of the day as the sun does not set.

While spending time in Santa´s home port city you might wanna meet the Sailor Elves in Santa´s Seaside Office in Kemi Inner harbour. Cosy coffee place with souvenirs and possibility to send bottle post to Santa. Special group programmes are available including meeting Santa in person and taking a picture with him.

Arctic Adventure Island

Arctic Adventure Island surrounded by fresh sea water, is a short boat ride away from the city and the SnowCastle area. Midnight sun cruises with traditional sailing ship, stressfree hikes in the forest filled with wild berries and mushrooms. Relaxing Finnish sauna experiences, silence, white night magic and when autumn arrives – the Northern Lights.

The Island offers a great possibility to see the local wildlife.

Trips to the Adventure Island are available all-year-round.

Attractions in Kemi

Visit the SnowCastle exhibition, collection of the 21 SnowCastles built in Kemi. Kemi Gemstone Gallery offers a large collection of gemstones and spectacular crown designed for the King of Finland.

The historical Icebreaker Sampo is worth visiting also in the Summer time. Guided tour leads you through the vessel from the engine room all the way up to the bridge.

Short driving distance away from Kemi there is Arkadia Domestic Animal Park and a little further on a wildlife park Ranua Zoo with e.g. polar bears. The longest river in Finland is Kemijoki and it´s also the richest with Salmon in Europe.

Go for river rafting or fishing!

More flights to Kemi this Summer

Finnair and Norwegian, airlines operating from Oulu Airport, will relocate their flights to Kemi-Tornio Airport from 25 June to 31 July 2017. Also before and after the airport closure from 2 May to 25 June and from 31 July to 1 September some of the flights will mostly operate to Kemi Airport instead of Oulu.

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