Rottach-Egern – This June the first Japan inspired spa in Germany, MIZU ONSEN SPA, will open at Hotel BACHMAIR WEISSACH located at the Tegernsee.

The guests will experience the exceptional fusion of Japanese bathing culture, regional water worlds and the philosophically motivated idea of a novel way to self encounter. Inspired by the hot springs in Japan, the onsens, water in various temperatures plays the essential part: in form of extremely hot or cold baths, it invites to an intense experience of one self.

To make the experience serve ones health in a most effective way every guest is given an individual analysis. This personalised treatment prescription or spa journey will lead through heated rooms, spaces to rest and linger, luscious, mineralised water or to the MIZU ONSEN-SPA-BAR.

Designed with Japanese elements of delicately patterned, fine cedar wood, combined with natural raw materials from the alpine region.

Hotel owner Korbinian Kohler has consciously foregone the superlatives of modern spa worlds and focuses with his innovative idea on health and reflection.

“We aspire to create a space for healing and self introspection, where our guests can flow in, experience and join their outer and inner worlds” explains Korbinian Kohler.

He was inspired by Japan, the Tegernsee valley and philosophy: in Japan he learned about the invigorating effect of extreme temperatures for body and mind and conceptualised two basins one tempered at 2°C the other at 42°C.

It invites one to a challenging experience with oneself and invokes pure awareness into the present moment of ones current state of being.

As a local Tegernseer he also values the cleansing strength of water.

The noun Spa derives from the Latin ,sanus per aquam’ meaning ,health through water’. He picked up this initial idea and plays with it: at MIZU ONSEN SPA guests experience water in all its eclectic appearances, dip into it, sense it, breath, taste and hear it. A 20 meter long, sole water pool is set in the outdoor area, well tempered at 38°C, it is to be enjoyed at every season. The hot room cleanses body and mind with soothing steam. Three jetties set across the rushing stream, Mühlbach, invite to rest and listen to the meditative sound of the flowing water.

To create a versatile, focused service at MIZU ONSEN SPA, the visit for each guest can begin with a brief analysis: skin type, weight, height, blood pressure and pulse are documented to define the ideal, personalised spa journey. For the individual treatments skincare products by the Japanese luxury brand Kanebo are offered as well as organic products by Susanne Kaufmann or regional cosmetics by Gertrud Gruber.

There will also be a family spa: parents and children can join in a wellness experience together. Culinary delights in the form of Japanese Cuisine and small vegetarian dishes created by the chef de cuisine Tobias Jochim and sushi chef Chiori Kudo will be served at the MIZU ONSEN SPA BAR in the lounge area.

To foster inner through outer balance is essential to Korbinian Kohler “Unfortunately most modern spas are built opposing their true sense.” He deliberately chose not to create a space of distraction with too many, diverting attractions. His MIZU ONSEN SPA reflects the ethics of Aristoteles, which he learned about during his study of philosophy, and his own contemplation of quality and virtue in relation to happiness. “Real self reflection is essentially important! And almost impossible in our fast living world.” emphasises Korbinian Kohler and chose a straightforward, reduced spa concept. Guests can, for example, immerse in the total stillness of the super silent room, getting a sense of and reflecting the self. “We are the first intercultural hideaway, where cultural influences from Japan, Tegernsee and Greek philosophy flow and fuse together.”