Gourmet dining this Valentine’s Day

Luxury brand Delicario’s niche online delicatessen offers a dining experience with a difference in their selection of fine artisan food and wine gift boxes and hampers designed for two, with regional European delicacies from small-scale sustainable producers

Setting the mood for a memorable candlelit supper, Delicario (www.delicario.com) offer an artisan alternative to the high street hamper for Valentine’s Day celebrations. Carefully selected gourmet delicacies of outstanding flavour from family and small-scale producers in the verdant agricultural regions of Europe are skilfully combined to bring harmony in flavours around the dining table as well as a touch of romance. With their international farm to table approach, Delicario reinvent the dining out experience in a hamper of premium natural ingredients reliant on organic generational farming methods and natural preservation, steering away from mass production.

Valentine gift box and hamper themes range from a simple yet sophisticated gesture of romance with Damien Buffet’s Brut Expression Premier Cru champagne, Belgian chocolatier Eric Blondeel’s handmade artisan truffles and hazelnut cake from Tastelanghe oozing world famous Piedmont hazelnuts in Delicario’s Touch of Romance Gift Box, to a full Candlelit Dinner Hamper with a seductive menu of Damien-Buffet’s Brut Prestige, delicate savoury Mediterranean flavours of sun-dried olives, pâté of artichokes and grilled aubergine, followed by melt-in-the-mouth Chianina fillet and rich mushroom risotto, and a sweet ending of artisanal pralines. 

Delicario stand out for their ability to source authentic flavours from the best artisan producers of the finest Spanish and Italian antipasti of cured ham, artisan cheese, pâté, specialty olives and grilled vegetables preserved in extra virgin olive oil. From truffle cream to select Wagyu cuts, authentic artisan pasta, sauces and hand-made chocolate and baked treats, to family vineyard fine wine and champagne, dedicated artisan elaboration is at the heart of every delicacy. Showcased are Extremadura’s finest Bellota Iberian ham, Vossignoria cheese laced with truffle produced using dairy traditions in Siciliy’s Madonie mountains, Italian chocolates featuring the world’s best hazelnuts grown in Piedmont and premier cru brut champagnes from the Damien Buffet family vineyard. 

There is luxury in every detail of the presentation of each gift box and hamper, from artistic labelling and packaging of every item, thoughtfully wrapped with branded tissue paper, cushioned in wood wool in quality wicker hampers and embossed gift boxes. Personalised greeting cards offer a finishing touch. Deliveries throughout the UK can be made the next day and scheduled delivery is available for those who like to plan ahead for occasions such as Valentine’s Day.

Each product on the website is clearly presented with inspirational suggestions on how best to enjoy and helpful background information on its origin; detailing the region, the family and the spirit in which it is grown. These insights build a strong connection for the conscious customer, helping them to appreciate the amount of attention and effort dedicated to the production of each artisan creation. Delicario’s own label represents some of the smaller producers such as Oro di Pantelleria where the D’Ancona family cultivate and hand-harvest fruit and vegetables for their preservative free sauces and jams off the coast of Sicily on the island of Pantelleria.

Founder Marco Rosa remarked, “A quest for unique yet authentic flavours from our conscious shoppers in search of high quality, sustainable and often organically grown goods is an anticipation we are inspired to fulfil. The secret of successful cultivation comes from generations of hard work by each of our hand-picked producers, pursuing perfection in what they create and remaining loyal to family tradition yet moving with the times experimenting with subtle changes in flavour or texture.”

“Our mission is to bring the best European artisan flavours to the table of appreciative customers, particularly when exploring new places to enjoy eating out is restricted. This year, seduction and romance come in gift boxes and hampers that capture the very best of authentic ingredients to create an “intimate dining-out experience in your own home.”

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