Get in touch with nature

Located in Castara – a fishing village named by the Amerindians to mean ‘falling water’, Naturalist Beach Resort is a tropical paradise defined by the cascading streams that empty into the Caribbean Sea.

The name ‘Naturalist’ was inspired by the natural way of life many of the people on the island enjoy. With exotic flora and fauna abound, this pristine and precious environment provides visitors with much to explore and discover – both on land and beneath the waves.

Located on the north-west coast of Tobago the Naturalist Beach Resort is in the midst of oldest virgin rainforest in the western hemisphere, which has been protected for since 1756. The short stroll to the Castara waterfall is essential for visitors to the resort – the waterfall is said to have invigorating qualities, which many have attested to.

Comfort surrounds

All of the apartments at Naturalist Beach Resort are self-contained with a TV, hot and cold water, a toilet, shower and kitchen facilities. Three of the larger rooms are suitable for a family with a folding divan for the children. Rooms are serviced daily, with linen and towel changes on alternate days. There is also an internet café with computers available with web cameras for communication via Skype etc. ✱

Accommodation includes

  • Buffet breakfast
  • Wireless connection
  • Air conditioning
  • Use of the business centre
  • Use of the beach beds
  • 24 hour coffee/espresso bar
  • Ice maker
  • BBQ grills
  • Laundry services

Further information