Gadget gift guide: stylish tech to gift this Christmas

The lights have been strung up in the streets, the trees topped with golden stars, and the angelic sounds of Christmas carols have worked their way into store playlists and radio programs. Yes, Christmas is around the corner.

If you’re on the hunt for gifts that will not only express your love and gratitude but also actually prove useful on a daily basis, then you can’t go past a little bit of gadgetry. From a functional (yet sophisticated) watch-meets-fitness-tracker to a set of top-notch headphones, an eBook reader to a go-anywhere camera, here are some of the best options.

Hermés x Apple Watch

For a truly luxurious pairing of gadgetry and style you can’t surpass a collaboration between Apple and Hermés. The two iconic brands collaborated on a series of Apple Watches, and there’s no question that they tick all the boxes — both functionally and aesthetically. The toughest thing you’ll have to do is decide which elegant leather band (single or double cuff? Agate blue or rose?) your loved one will prefer.


Amazon Kindle Oasis

There’s magic in paper and ink, but unrivalled practicality to the eBook. For the dedicated reader there’s nothing quite like carrying around hundreds of books in your pocket all at once, and while some eBook readers are too basic in their design and display to inspire, Amazon’s Kindle Oasis takes it up a notch. This is the most stylish version, with an integrated leather battery case that’s both attractive and functional (it nudges battery life up to an impressive 9 weeks). Elegant and slim, the Oasis is also the lightest member of the Kindle family.



What happens when a fashion designer gets to design their own instant camera? The MICHAEL KORS x FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini 70 happens. Cute enough to stand apart from its ancestors, and fun enough that you’ll want to carry it everywhere, Kors’ retro-looking INSTAX is nostalgia you can wear as an accessory. The camera uses INSTAX Mini film, which pops out of the top and takes 90 seconds to develop. In a digital age, that little anticipation is one of the best parts of all.

Sony MDR-1000X headphones

While the names Sennheiser and Bose might spring to mind at the mention of premium noise-cancellation headphones, Sony have just put themselves high in the running with their MDR-1000X. The name may not be memorable, but the product is: they feature an understated elegant design, bluetooth wireless connectivity and excellent audio quality. Sony have also added some quirky new features like a personalised noise cancellation function, and a ‘quick attention’ mode that lets you have a conversation with someone without taking the headphones off. Know someone who fancies blocking out the world and getting lost in their favourite tracks? These will be more than appreciated.

GoPro HERO5 Black

The GoPro lends itself first and foremost to dare-devils, who can no longer imagine plunging headfirst off a cliff or flying down a mountainside on a bike without first strapping one to their helmet. And yet, this small yet powerful piece of technology need not only be gifted to the adrenalin junkie in your life. Small enough to take travelling, and now equipped with voice control, the HERO5 Black is also waterproof to 33ft without any special housing making it ideal for playtime at the beach or pool or even for capturing special occasions in a unique way (stop motion birthday party, anyone?). There’s also a range of casings, mounts and accessories available for a more complete gift.