Everleaf’s partnership with Tattu


The award-winning non-alcoholic aperitif is partnering with Tattu to launch a special cocktail menu and a masterclass in celebration of the Cherry Blossom season this spring

Everleaf, the award-winning non-alcoholic aperitif, is partnering with Tattu this spring to launch a special cocktail menu and a masterclass for the Cherry Blossom season. Launching on 20th of March, the partnership will take guests on an immersive journey for all things Cherry Blossom, from the enchanting decor through to the delicious cocktails made using Everleaf’s Mountain aperitif.

The menu will include three special cocktails highlighting the flavours of Cherry Blossom, such as the The Ruby Rose Fizz, a light and bright delight made with the Everleaf Mountain, Yuzu, and Laurent Perrier Champagne.

To celebrate the partnership, on Tuesday 18th April, there will also be an exclusive masterclass led by Tattu’s Head of Bars, Will Meredith, and the Everleaf team. Guests will enjoy three bespoke Everleaf Mountain cocktails alongside delicate pink dim sum. The masterclass will include a tutorial on creating beautiful Cherry Blossom garnishes, whilst exploring the story of the best tasting non-alcoholic aperitif.

Will Meredith, Head of Bars in Tattu says “Everleaf uses a host of interesting and rare botanicals which provide an excellent alternative for those looking for a non-alcoholic option without compromising on flavour or mouthfeel. With this partnership, we used the Everleaf’s Mountain expression and created three completely different cocktails varying from high to no ABV content all bursting with delicious aromas of Cherry Blossom, Rosehip and Strawberry.”

Located on the rooftop of The Now Building, Outernet, Tattu London offers contemporary Asian cuisine amidst a stunning backdrop of breathtaking views. The classic artistry is seamlessly blended with cutting-edge methods, culminating in a sophisticated and refined venue. With an innovative cocktail and food programme, Tattu London is the perfect destination for your spring-time libations.

Paul Mathew is a conservation biologist as well as a bartender and bar-owner who spent a year researching and developing his brand before eventually launching Everleaf. Everleaf’s Mountain, takes its leading flavour from Cherry Blossom which Paul discovered during his trip to Japan when climbing some of the country’s breathtaking mountains.

The exclusive cocktail menu will run from the 20th of March until May. The tickets for the masterclass are available on the eventbrite website here for £25.