Ecuador’s Leading Green Hotel for 2018

The World Travel Awards™ are a renowned organisation whose mission is to identify the ultimate in luxury travel experiences. The annual awards are known as the most comprehensive survey of the highest caliber products and services on offer in the global travel and tourism sector. A wide range of awards reflect the various vital sectors of interest guests seek to explore. This ensures the aggregate standards of excellence in our industry are continuously raised to improve guest enjoyment.

A decade ago, we had the honour of being nominated for the World Travel Awards™ title as “World’s Leading Eco-Lodge”. This year, we were fortunate to be nominated in two categories as
“South America’s Leading Eco-Lodge” & “Ecuador’s Leading Green Hotel”. We wish to extend our congratulations to the worthy competitors who were shortlisted in these categories, as well as to all the other participants. To be nominated for one of these prestigious awards is, in and of itself, great recognition of the immense dedication, care, and effort our staff
puts into every aspect of the many experiences we offer here at Napo Wildlife Center.

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce we received the “Leading Green Hotel Award” for 2018 at the 25th Annual World Travel Awards! We attended the lavish Latin American
Ceremony on September 15th at Palacio de Cristal in Guayaquil, Ecuador. To be voted a World Travel Award™ winner by both industry experts and the public represents the culmination of a great team effort to always strive for excellence. We are incredibly pleased and humbled to achieve the “cream of the crop” status and receive this amazing accolade.

Best in Travel Magazine has named Ecuador as “South America’s Leading Green Destination” for many years. It follows that since our luxury hotel is nestled in the lush Amazonian rainforest, it is a perfect example of this pedigree. Our remote location also provides the unique opportunity to explore the historic city of Quito, named “South America’s Leading Destination” this year, on your way to and from our eco-lodge. Some of the notable qualities worthy of our award-winning accommodations are: the importance placed on protecting the integrity and well-being of our natural environment’s water, flora, and fauna; the model of community involvement which highlights the strength of our Indigenous Kichwa knowledge; our dedication to sustainable practices; and our eco-friendly operations.

For example, aside from employing the use of solar panels to capture the sun’s rays and transform them into useable energy for lights and hot water, we have also taken the initiative to invest in other renewable energy technology.

We make a point of serving delicious, organic, and locally-sourced food to our guests in elevated style. By then transforming the organic waste generated by our kitchen into biogas with a hermetic container, we are able to repurpose the unavoidable greenhouse gas byproducts. We harness this energy to use as fuel to cook with instead of contributing to deforestation and oil extraction which are threats to environmental health. Book your trip with us today to discover the many reasons why we are considered the best in our class!

Additionally, Napo Wildlife Center was the only South American finalist in the Australian Luxperience event, within the “Inspiring Awards” category that recognises excellence in the planning and development of innovative products and services through entrepreneurial vision, leadership in the market and its uniqueness.

A heartfelt thanks to all of our partners and guests who made this year’s achievement possible. We are grateful to be recognised for the immense efforts necessary to win this incredible award which is held in such high esteem. We will proudly wear the World Travel Award™ title this year as a symbol of distinction, and look forward to many more years of friendly competition.



Quito, September 2018