Create an iconic martini with Silent Pool Mist

October 2016 will see the release of Silent Pool Mist spray, an innovative liquid garnish created to enhance your drinking experience. Available in three delicious flavours – Christmas Spirit, Bergamot Orange and Kaffir Lime, it brings the sophistication of the iconic martini cocktail into the home.


Each spray covers the surface of your cocktail in a delicate mist, which is both intensely flavourful and irresistibly aromatic, adding an extra dimension to the profile of your martini or G&T. Silent Pool Mist Christmas Spirit is distilled with the unmistakable flavours of traditional mulling spices: cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg and infused with a hint of Christmas tree, evoking a touch of holiday cheer. Bergamot Orange engages your senses with a rich and sophisticated citrus scent while Kaffir Lime delivers a refreshing zing – ideal for those who love their festive ‘tinis zesty.

Silent Pool Gift Box

Silent Pool Gift Box

Silent Pool Mist is created by steeping specially selected citrus peels or Christmas spices in spirit with a touch of angelica & orris root. This process extracts the aro-matic oils into the spirit base which is then blended with a soothing combination of chamomile & rose tea to create the perfect accompaniment to gin-based recipes.

As British consumers become more discerning and adventurous, both casual Christmas imbibers as well as cocktail aficionados, are seeking more exciting serves made from premium products. Silent Pool Mist raises the bar and takes this trend to a new and exciting level.

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