Building dreams

The first thing that strikes you when flying into Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands is the stunning turquoise sea. Then your attention is drawn to a mansion of grand proportions – ‘Emerald Cay’, a property on its own island and an island unto itself.

The vision of RA Shaw Designs, this masterpiece is one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced properties in the Caribbean and encompasses the natural surroundings throughout, from a ‘floating’ tennis court to an array incredible water features. ‘Emerald Cay’ is a perfect example of how this innovative team, led by award-winning architect Ronald A. Shaw, has evolved the aesthetic of the Turks and Caicos architecture with custom-designed homes that defy the imagination.

Inside, all aspects of the property from the lighting to the audio system are computer controlled, there is an 8,000 bottle wine cellar, a three-storey library finished in solid mahogany and even a state-of-the-art home cinema.

Ahead of the field

2016 was another winning year for RA Shaw Designs. The company was voted ‘Best Architecture & Design company of the Year’ at the Caribbean World Travel & Living awards where architect and founder Ronald A. Shaw was voted ‘Best Business Personality of the Year’. Those with experience describe Shaw not only as an architectural visionary but a delight to work with. RA Shaw Designs are a full-service architecture, design and construction firm of talented professionals that stay engaged throughout the entire process – from the design right through to the completion of your luxury home. Their attention to detail ensures the highest level of quality and accuracy is achieved in every curve and corner. Shaw and his team are among the very best and create awe-inspiring properties that embrace everything that’s special about living in the Caribbean.

Their work is the perfect marriage of art and design, form and function. RA Shaw Designs creates homes where interiors blend seamlessly with exterior living spaces – no detail is overlooked as the use of open-air spaces, panoramic views and unique features create living environments like no other.

Shaw and his team design and build homes that people fall completely in love with. They have an extensive portfolio filled with breathtaking builds and structures. This is why people love to stay at and dream of owning a RA Shaw Designs built home. From ‘Mothershouse’, an exclusive beach-front estate that rises 50 feet up a ridge to offer spectacular views over the north shore of Providenciales, to ‘Windhaven Beach Villas’ a luxury playground for kiteboarding and lifestyle enthusiasts.

‘Windhaven Beach Villas’ was specifically designed to create an atmosphere of casual Caribbean elegance, appealing to those with a love for adventure as well as for families looking for a relaxed getaway in paradise.

‘North Brae Villa’ is a stunning blend of Spanish architecture with a Caribbean charm that gives new meaning to the phrase ‘curb appeal’. From courtyards to cascading water features, the villa defies superlatives.

Such buildings are testament to the ability of RA Shaw Designs to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. The team has been designing and building luxury residences since 1998 and there is much more to come.

Exciting new project

The Turks and Caicos Islands have steadily risen to international prominence for their refined luxury and coveted real estate opportunities. Amid this popularity, Providenciales is quickly becoming the destination of choice among business leaders and celebrities keen to explore its crystal-clear turquoise waters, white sand beaches and enjoy the fabulous food.

The team at RA Shaw Designs are at the cutting-edge of Caribbean architecture and are highly sought after for their ability to integrate state-of-the-art technology with award-winning design. They have the ability to recognise where the natural surroundings can blend seamlessly with the interior living spaces and capitalise to create stunning free-flowing architecture.

RA Shaw Designs have recently embarked upon their latest project ‘The Villas at Turquoise Banks.’ This luxury villa community is nestled on the southeast side of Providenciales, just metres from the secluded Long Bay beach and boasts a second floor infinity-edge plunge pool in every residence. Comprised of six distinctly designed villas, each offering homeowners and guests alike a truly handcrafted Caribbean experience. Every indoor and outdoor area has been specifically designed to embrace the amazing views and maximise open-air living spaces.

“At Turquoise Banks, we understand the importance of having both privacy and a sense of community – and we’ve found a way to combine the two, so you don’t have to choose between one or the other,” says Ronald A. Shaw.

The villa community is home to four 3-bedroom villas and two 4-bedroom villas and integrates a single-source rental management programme as well as unlimited use of your villa. Fully equipped with two communal pools, spa, poolside bar as well as kayaks and more, ‘The Villas at Turquoise Banks’ delivers everything you need to relax in pure Caribbean bliss before you hit the beach and dive in to discover some of the world’s most incredible coral reefs.

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