Be at one

At MIZU ONSEN SPA you will be immersed in the therapeutic bliss of Japan’s bathing culture, while surrounded by the splendour of the Tegernsee Valley. Inspired by onsens – the hot springs of Japan – pools of varying temperatures invite you to a world of rejuvenation. The spa is designed and built in authentic Japanese style, with intricately patterned fine cedar interiors combined with natural materials from Germany’s alpine region.

“We aspire to create a space for healing and introspection, where guests can rediscover themselves away from the stresses of daily life,” explains Korbinian Kohler, owner of the Hotel Bachmair Weissach, where the spa is based.

It was on a recent visit to the Far East that Kohler became inspired by the philosophy underpinning Japan’s bathing culture. He learned about the invigorating effect that extreme temperatures can have on the body and mind by combining two baths, one at 2°C, the other at 42°C. The experience invokes pure awareness of the present moment and into one’s current state of being. The spectacular Tegernsee Valley provides a sublime backdrop to enhance the state of pure relaxation.

The word spa is derived from the Latin, ‘sanus per aquam’ meaning ‘health through water’ – MIZU ONSEN SPA elaborates on this idea. At 20 meters long, the outdoor pool is a pleasant 38°C and can be enjoyed all year round. The steam-room cleanses body and mind with soothing vapours, while the rushing stream allows guests to relax and listen to the meditative sound of flowing water.
At MIZU ONSEN SPA, your visit begins with a brief analysis of skin type, weight, height, blood pressure and pulse. With this information a personalised spa journey can be embarked upon.

For individual treatments, skincare products by Japanese luxury brand Kanebo are offered, as well as organic products by Susanne Kaufmann and regional cosmetics by Gertraud Gruber.

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