Bags of style

CARLITOS handmade creates beautiful bags that go hand-in-hand with global travel. Johanna von Gilsa founded the company in 2014 in Poland. At the time, she was working with her husband across Eastern Europe developing agricultural businesses, it is then she realised she had a passion for interior design. In the beginning, Johanna started designing her own furniture including beds and sofas. Local craftsmen brought the designs to life, a close-knit team was formed and from there Johanna started designing furniture, children’s clothing and clothes that she too wanted to wear.

Today the production is focused solely on locally made, artisan travel bags – in fact only craftsmen or small companies from Slupsk in Poland can be part of the team. The company is driven by passion, creativity and generations of know-how, which allows CARLITOS handmade to rise above the competition with tailor-made and bespoke bags of the highest quality. Johanna carefully selects the range of fabrics from all over Europe and the company supports traditional, independent craftsman who produce beautiful handmade products.

Johanna von Gilsa

Her design ideas, combined with the skill of her partners, have created unique items and beautiful collections, with names such as ‘Worldmap’, ‘Safari’, ‘Impala’ and ‘Kenia’.

Every collection can be specially put together and delivered with personal initials. The product range starts with clutch bags, cosmetics bags and develops through to travel bags, boot bags and the most coveted ‘the garment bag’. This bag can be used as both a travel and suit bag. It can store up to five hangers and is light enough to be used as travel hand luggage.

Products are sold online and at a few selected fairs by Johanna. Furthermore, CARLITOS handmade designs special collections for a number of events, including the Balve Optimum, show jumping and dressage championships in Germany and the Baltica equestrian show. Nevertheless, every client or business gets a direct line to Johanna when ordering their bag or own merchandising collection, which guarantees a bespoke service every time.

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