5 men’s accessories to gift this Christmas

Singling out the perfect gift for a male friend or loved one can be difficult — but it’s certainly not impossible. Even for the man who you think has everything, a charming and stylish accessory will never be unwelcome. Here are 5 gift ideas for men to make your Christmas shopping that much easier.

A dopp kit

Gift-hunting for a man who travels leaves you numerous avenues of possibility — one of which takes you into the realm of male grooming. But if beard trimmers and nail clippers seem rather too practical (and potentially too unromantic, depending on your relationship to the giftee) you might consider a dopp kit (or toiletry bag) instead. This small yet significant accessory makes carrying said trimmers and clippers — along with various salves, gels and lotions — a far more stylish and compartmentalised affair. The Kanyatta Dopp Kit from WANT Les Essentiels has tailored slots and a removable nylon lining for easy cleaning. And it looks great, too.

WANT Les Essentiels

A wooden valet

A beautifully-crafted wooden valet doesn’t come cheap, but that’s entirely the point: this is a luxury item for the truly discerning gentleman in your life. As a piece of furniture the valet is somewhat antiquated, but that only adds to its appeal. Who wouldn’t you want to bring back something so practical and highly personal, something so rarely used, something that makes getting up in the morning and dressing for work that much more pleasurable? Try The Gentleman’s Valet Company, who hand make their valets in their London workshop. The price tags (a standard valet costs upwards of £2,850) are justified by beautiful craftsmanship, oak or walnut materials, and bespoke options.

Gentlemans Valet Company

A laptop sleeve

Not every guy wants to be weighed down by a briefcase or clunky laptop bag when heading out to a meeting or his favourite cafe-workspace. Not when a slim, sophisticated laptop sleeve or leather folio can do the job just perfectly. Such an accessory can be stylishly tucked under the arm, but also slipped into a backpack or messenger bag should the situation require, meaning the sleeve can double as a kind of protective case. One with a quilted finish, like this one from WANT Les Essentiels, provides extra cushioning while also featuring a slim back pocket to carry a few essential items like phone and credit card.

WANT Les Essentiels

A luxurious scented candle

Candles have been illuminating the darkness for centuries. These days we may not need their light to read by, but any living space can benefit from the feelings of warmth, cosiness and elegance they bring. Candles often conjure a feminine association, but that only makes them all the more perfect as a gift for even the manliest of men: they’re an unexpected surprise. Look for a hand-crafted candle made from natural wax that has a unique scent and visually appealing packaging. Skandinavisk’s minimalist candles take inspiration from all things Skandinavian and include scents like snow, sea and camp fire; while we can think of many a man that would love a scent like True Grace’s Portobello Oud, a heady jumble of exotic food, spices and antique leather furniture.

True Grace

A leather backpack

Backpacks can be highly functional and downright ugly, it’s true. But they can also be objects of style. If you find one that manages to balance the two traits — fashion and function — you’ve hit upon a stellar gift. Leather fabrication brings the backpack into a class of its own and helps it transcend the boundary between casual and formal. Classic black will suit almost everyone; while a little bit of colour surely won’t go astray be it an edgy khaki or a pop of cobalt blue.

DaWanda and Furla